• Ard Zeqiri State University of Tetova, Macedonia


A drone is a pilotless vehicle which can be guided by remote control, or can be navigated automatically based on preprogrammed software. They are used in many scientific and civilian projects. Can be find in numerous shapes and sizes.

The few past years drones are becoming more and more popular. The use of the drones has grown quickly in the recent years because they can stay aloft for many hours and they are much cheaper than a lot other aircrafts. Also there is no flight crew in it that can be brought to danger. Drones work precisely in situations that are considered risky or difficult and can provide high quality monitoring. They are becoming more and more necessary in each scientific research.

Their usage is huge in the outer space in the military and medical action. They are easy to control. Our goal is to create an indoor drone with sophisticated design and engine with system that can be wireless -controlled or with a help of specialized chips.


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