• Afrim Aliti State University of Tetova, Macedonia


This research paper aims at describing and analysing the structural differences and similarities between the nominal functions of the –ING clauses in English and their Albanian correspondents. Regarding the Albanian correspondents of the English –ING clauses in different functions, the following correspondents have been detected: Albanian clauses are introduced by verbal noun phrases, gerund constructions, finite and non-finite clauses. In light of this, it is hypothesised that these structural differences and similarities may cause difficulties for the Albanian EFL classroom students learning the nominal functions of the –ING clauses in English.  This study is a corpus-based contrastive analysis between English and Albanian. The data collected in our corpus from both fictional and academic sources is contrasted in terms of their syntactic structures. In developing this research towards satisfactory outcomes, the study also includes an error survey of 27 Albanian students from the English Department of the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication at South East European University in Tetova, and 21 students of the fourth year in secondary school at ‘Sami Frashëri’ in Kumanova. Furthermore, the findings and results of the survey are presented in the two tables labelled 7 and 8.  Subsequently, the findings and the results from this research paper may help the Albanian EFL teachers in overcoming difficulties in the teaching processes of the nominal –ING clauses in English.

Keywords: nominal –ing clause, verbal noun phrase, gerund construction, finite clause.


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(Corpus Sources in English)

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Volume 7, Conference Proceedings, Special Issue, 2018