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Askarova Jamila Bakhadirovna


The creative work of folklore narrators Nurali Nurmat ogli and Abdugafur Shukurov who made a worthy contribution to the Uzbek folklore heritage with their repertoire, is comparatively studied in this article. Also, the main content of the article consists of the life style of these two folklore narrators, the study of peoples, entering to the world of the fairy tale, the conditions and the external factors which influence the formation of the repertoire of creator, the style of performance which belongs to the tradition of telling fairy tales, the language features, and to research the initial and final formulas in fairy tales. Nurali Nurmatov who is from Kokand and creates individual school in the field of telling fairy tale, and his total 63 folklore samples which include life fairy tales, anecdotes, folklore narrations about Mashrab, folklore puppet theatre samples which are included in the book “Luqmаni hakim” printed on the basis of his repertoire, 53 of them are life fairy tales. It is known from the observations that N.Nurmat ogli more specializes to tell fairy tales which are in life and humorous character. The collection “If laughs the flower, if cries the pearl”, which is prepared to print by the folklore writers Zubayda Khusainova and Bahodir Sarimsokov, and is formed on the basis of Abdugafur Shukurov who is also well-known as the folklore narrator and his repertoire, has individual character. This peculiarity is determined that his repertoire only consists of magic fairy tales. The collection includes 17 magic-fantastic fairy tales which belong to the repertoire of the narrator. Muzayyana Alaviya firstly discovered about telling fairy tales talent of Abdugafur Shukurov. She worked for some time with the narrator and perfectly recorded a few fairy tales. Later M.Afzalov, Z.Husainova, M.Saidov and Fathulla Abdullaev recorded many fairy tales from him.

Keywords: narrator, repertoire, collection, tradition, life and magic fairy tales.

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