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Sadinova Nafisa Usmanovna


The researches which are carried out in the field of formal  work style, is given attention in this article, it is said about inner separation of formal  style, such as the style of the law language, the style of diplomatic correspondence, the style of work documents, and the different aspects in the syntactic features of these species. In addition, the syntactic features of the style of work documents are described in detail, using type of simple sentences  in this style according to the expression purpose, using type of head parts according to the participation, using complicated simple sentences, and using types of composite sentence are given on the basis of samples. Using parts and types of speech with which requirement in text types are based and are given reasons on the basis of examples which are given from document types. Together with giving information about the types of sentences which are used in the text of the work documents in the article, it is also said that what types of sentences are used in which type of the document. The formed phrases of documents belong to work documents have been shown, participation of syntactic units have been noted in making these phrases.

Keywords: formal style, office work, document, forming.

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