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Arlindë Kotorri


The theme title refers to the idea of analysing the prose of Kim Mehmeti in the thematic and narrative structure. Kim Mehmeti is a well-known novelist, narrator, essayist, translator and publicist, whilst the literary genre in which he excels in a specific way is narrative prose. He is one of the most important authors of all modern Albanian literature, the path of whose creativity, with its own identifying significances, refers to Albanian literature in Northern Macedonia.Kim Mehmeti's narrative prose, with its first work "Bolero", has awakened the curiosity of the Albanian reader, scholars, critical reviewers, and ordinary readers, presenting a world of weird reality in the labyrinths of to which are intertwined characteristics of reality and myth, belief and superstition, of traditional life and of that of oriental backgrounds.The reader also approaches a narrative structure in which narrative techniques and forms can be noticed, which are a novelty in the tradition of Albanian narrative prose.By focusing on the narrative prose of this author, the transformations in the field of narrative structures and narratives, in our analysis we will consider the collection of stories "Bolero" (1991) and "Moonflower" (1997), where these transformations are significantly noticed and revealed.In the stories of this author we will consider the descriptive and narrative forms, through which the reality of the current daily life and the reality of imaginary forms coming from narrators and characters that belong to a living reality within vital truths or superstitious forms of life are revealed.

Keywords: Specific narrative forms; The search for different forms of reality; The imagined reality; Weirdfiction; Theme of myth, rites, rituals; Essayistic discourse in narration.

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