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Gayipov Dilshod


In this article of Dilshod Gayipov it was spoken about the creators who contributed to the development of Turkish poetry. In particular, the role of the historical services of Nossiriddin Burhoniddin ugli Rabghuzi, Khorazmi’s gazelles and the book “Mukhabbatnoma” in Turkish poetry are taken into account. There is also a brief summary about the beautiful Turkish poems by poets such as Sayfi Saroyi, Kutb Khorazmiy, Haidar Khorazmiy, Atoyi, Sakkoki, Gadoi and Lutfiy.

This article emphasizes that Alisher Navoi’s creation is the highest stage of Turkish poetry. And it was illustrated that after Navoi, poets such as Bobur, Muhammad Salih and Boborahim Mashrab contributed to this poetry worthy.

In this article, we can see that Muhammad Rizo Agahi made a great contribution to the development of this poetry in the 19th century.

There were offered information that the poet created poems in 22 forms and genres such as gazelle, mustazod, mukhammas, musaddas, murabba, musamman, tardjiband, kita, quatrain, tuyuk, mulamma, riddle poem, musove ut-tarfain, muammo, masnaviy, bahri tavil, ode, elegy, fard, sakiynomai murabba, question-answer of lover and beloved. There was paid attention to the fact that Agahi continued such traditions in Turkish poetry as divon making, debocha writing, classic literary genres, continuation of existing themes and ideas.

Keywords: tradition, Turkish poetry, Rabghuzi, Khorazmi, Sayfi Saroyi, Kutb Khorazmi, Haydar Khorazmi, Atoyi, Sakkoki, Gadoi, Lutfi, Navoi, Mashrab, Bobur, Agahi, divan, genre, theme, idea, image, peculiarity.

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