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Namozova Zilola Bozorovna


The complex of divans “Xazoyinu-l-Maoniy” which united the lyrical heritage of the Navai in Uzbek language, was copied by various secretaries during XV-XIX centuries in combined divan form which were united poems in four divans in compilative way, and as divan which had certain genres, the poet's edition does not exist any of them. However, in the 50-60s years of the last century, Professor Hamid Sulaymаnov studied the manuscripts of Navаi in order to study the lyrical heritage of the poet in textological way and managed to restore the “Xazoyinu-l-Maoniy” in the poet's edition.

In this research, the main sources of textological research on the Navаi lyric heritage carried out by the scientist were discussed; it included the description of the manuscripts in foreign funds, their role and studying them by the scholar.

Also, the results of the experiments which were carried out on the manuscripts of the Navai's lyric heritage, which Hamid Sulayman considered as a source of research - the formation of 9 sub and 4 main tables and their description, the research methods and principles which were used to determine the poet's edition of the poetic collection „Xazoyinu-l-Maoniy” were researched. Besides, the role of Professor Hamid Sulayman not only in Uzbekistan, but also in development of textology and source-studying, also in Navai-studying was described.

Keywords: Poetic collection, textological research, base copy, active sources, passive sources, tables, author‘s edition.

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