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Formation and Development Stages of Memoir Genre in the Karakalpak Literature

Nurabullaev Bahamdulla Khujambetovich


The issues such as the role of memoir genre in Karakalpak literature, its functional significance, development stages, development and formation of the genre are illuminated in this article. Especially the conceptions linked with the human phenomena, his/her fate in the crossroads of important two epochs in Karakalpak literature has been explained. The memoir genre has been evaluated as a literary phenomenon. It is enriched by the meditations of the world and Russian theoretic scientists. In particular, he addressed the point of view of scientists such as English textologist Rolland Bart. The works of such authors as Berdaq, Q. Kamalov, J. Aimurzaev, G. Esemuratova, J. Izentaev have served the object of analysis. Also, the article was based on historical-biographical, structural-semantic methods of analysis.The considerable comments about the development of the memoir literature are given.

Keywords: memoir, psychology, novel, poetry, genre, composition, disposition, style, workmanshipskill, manner, realism, comparativism, impressionism, plot, fact, history, interior.

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