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Driada Dervishi


“Allegretto Albania” is the only Albanian drama with the largest number of performances in different parts of the world. "Due to its originality and finest compositionin the dramatic treatment of an acute topic of Albanian society," Stefan Çapaliku, the playwright of this play, won in 2007 for the third time the award as the Best Dramatic Author with the serious comedy "Allegretto Albania". In 2008, “Allegretto Albania” comes on the stage at the NationalTheatre and this same year, the author is nominated for "Europe" prize, for TheatreInnovations.“Allegretto Albania” is a serious comedy, which, since in her title, carriesthe grotesque paradox, as well as the irony: while in this country, since the state does not act, the citizens address to  an old primitive Kanun to put order. In the mean time,  it is organised an extraordinary concert season with guests from abroad, to give the idea ofa developed European country.This serious comedy is putted on stage by the director Altin Basha, who is characterized for his experimental spirit, theatrical research and alternative aesthetics, expressed those especially in Albanian dramaturgy. The performance of this playis constructed  through a laboratory process, where the playwright was an integral part of this process."Allegretto Albania", in June 2010, attended the Wiesbaden Festival in Mainz, Germany, and this year, Stefan Capalikuwas awarded with the "Critics Award" at the Biennale Theatre in Germany for its originality of the themes, sarcasm and construction. This comedy conveyed a new theatre, where Albanian language comes with a stylistic fund and high-spirited tools that are traversed by irony, that was perched between the interconnection of scenic symbolism, tragicomedy and grotesque, giving  a postmodernist creation on the theatrical scene, both in textual and directorial approach.

Keywords:  drama, theatre, director, Albanian theatre, postmodern plays, grotesque, tragicomic.

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