Kabulova Zamira Adilbaevna


This article discusses the current process of refining poetry that has been polished and stabilized for centuries. Especially in the modern lyricism as a phenomenon of modernism, the lyricism has become a process of reflecting the human psyche and its inner experiences. Consequently, we all know that the art of time and the artistic form of the passage of time are, in fact, intensifying and deepening. Pure art is always a reflection of the changes in society. The image of the world will be alive for centuries only if it is able to balance proportion within this art. Modernism is also an integral part of a literary phenomenon that the West and the East have been able to prove in their own time. It is possible that the meaning and the content embodied in the experience are reflected in the whole center, and in the artist's ability to refine the colors in more vivid colors.

Keywords: image, poetry, word, modernism, postmodernism, form, style, composition, image, flow, perception, paphos.

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