Kobilov Nomoz Urolovich


This article addresses figurative expressions like irony, metaphor, repetition used in Togay Murod`s works. The author tries to highlight the functions and features of these descriptive means. He explains the importance of studying heroes` pragmatic speech to perceive their spiritual state. The author presents lots of examples from the writer`s plays such as “The night at which the horse neighs”, “People under the moonlight”, he shows that the writer can depict each personage`s feelings, opinions and ideas properly.

The author claims that the significance and role of pragmatic speech is essential in fictions for several reasons and the study of pragmatics needs further investigations.

Keywords: pragmatic speech, metaphor, irony, metaphor, parallelism, polysyndeton, figurative language, descriptive means, personage, hero, character, peculiarities.

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