First World War and Albanians


  • Mentor Asani
  • Arsim Sinani


World War came as a result of the inevitable economic and political development Capitalist system. Countries which did not have colonies, spheres of influence, new markets, etc., were trying to divide the world again, in order to realize requirements them. But after all the Great Powers had to order as much as possible to benefit themselves, came to their confrontation. Germany's goals in this period were the acquisition of colonies of Great Britain, France, Belgium, whereas for Russia aimed to take Ukraine, Poland and Baltic regions. Austria also had goals for expansion and its impact. Its main aim was to establish its hegemony over the Balkans. In these circumstances the Albanian people was one that was mostly affected by this event.

Keywords: World War I, Albanians, Austro-Hungary, friends.




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Volume 4, No.1, January 2015