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The dictionary of the "Etymological Dictionary of the Albanian language" (1891) by Gustav Meyer, a work that has left indelible traces in the entire Albanological heritage created from the last quarter of the XIX century until today, contains a number of words of the Albanians of Italy and Greece that we will call the words of the Albanian colonies in Italy and Greece, which, G. Meyer collected directly from their mouths and threw them in his Dictionary.
Our article, with the object of the lexicon of the Albanian colonies in the etymological Dictionary of G. Meyer, aims to point out first, the presence of the words of the Arbërisht of Calabria and of the Arvanites of Greece in the Etymological Dictionary of Gustav Meyer giving, perhaps for the first time first, a complete inventory of the lema words and nursery words present in this work; secondly, the status that the words of the Albanian colonies in Italy and Greece occupy in the “Dictionary of the Albanian language” (2006). Through the comparison of Gustav Meyer's Etymological Dictionary with the 2006 dictionary we will see how many of the words of the Arbërisht of Calabria and the Arvanites of Greece have taken place in this dictionary; third, the main lexical and semantic fields to which the lexicon of the Albanian colonies in Italy and Greece belongs.

Keywords: etymological dictionary, explanatory dictionary, lema words, lexical layer, lexical and semantic field.

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