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Liudmyla Garnyk, Yurii Vitkovskyi, Khusameddin Al-Khalavani


Today, when priority direction for implementation of various international programs of financial support and scientific-technical assistance was appointed activity aimed on facilitation for development export potential of agribusiness entities, issues of development and implementation of innovations and modern educational technologies on this area that is also becomes essentially actual and strategically important for Ukrainian economics. However, main restriction for successful implementation of this goal, according to experts, is emerging need in highly qualified engineering and technical personnel, as well as specialists in administration and management, quality management and certification according to international standards considering regional specifics (i.e. “Halal”, “Ekster “, etc.), logistics and other industries related to applycation of digital technologies and services. Also our study was focused on finding optimal solution for mentioned above problem by means of involvement of conceptual principles and approaches to building comprehensive quality management system for entities of agricultural business, created by providing their educational component and stimulating entrepreneurial, innovative and research activities on this area. In the frameworks of our research were analyzed existing variations of vision on development and promotion of agricultural education in Ukraine comparing with best international experience on this area. Also was paid attention to issues related with implementation of modern methodic and forms of providing educational services in distance format, focusing on aspects of inclusion and development of individual learning trajectories to form required professional competences in experts according to industrial needs and professional requirements of local and international stakeholders. Research outcomes can be considered as recommendations for revising and planning policies on quality assurance of educational services and development of regional and international cooperation between agricultural universities of engineering-technical profile.

Keywords: Distance education, individual educational trajectory, agricultural engineering education, regional and international cooperation, export potential of Agrifood entities development, life-long learning, quality management of educational services.

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