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Saidnomanov Akmalkhoja Komiljonovich


In this article, practical recommendations are given regarding the concept of variant and the phenomena of variant, which appear in the terminology, as well as ways to eliminate them. In addition, in linguistics, the issue of variation, ways of its appearance and types are interpreted differently by experts, including three types of variation in the language, such as morphological, phonetic, and colloquial variants. In order for the works to be reliable and effective, it is thought that the phenomena of synonymy, doublet and variant should be studied in the framework of separate studies, and the boundaries between them should be separated. In this article, due to the emergence of a new concept in any field and the need to express it in the language, the emergence of variants is a natural process at the first stage of the formation of terms, and in this sense, variant terms, like doublets, are often found in field terminology, especially in medical terminology proved on the basis of concrete examples. However, the existence of variability in the terminology is not positively evaluated. Therefore, it is said that it is possible to achieve a certain result by increasing the number of studies that serve to expand the range of use of the word, without continuing the variation.

Keywords: Terminology, lexicography, variants, phonetic variants, morphological variants, terminology. 

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