This study summarizes a research period of the important moments of the era of functioning of the city of Peja during the period 1990-1997, in the social, political, economic, cultural and educational fields. In an analytical and systematic way, the contribution of Pejans during this period of time is presented here. The main incentive for writing this text was the experience gained in the course Methodology of history and theories of the XIX-XX centuries, which was taught by prof. Jahja Drançolli whereupon we gained a modest experience in oral history as a new discipline in world historiography. For the contribution made in this discipline, young researchers such as Agon Rrezja should be mentioned with his master’s thesis “Llapusha sipas historisë gojore dhe dokumentare” (“Llapusha according to oral and documentary history”) defended in 2012 in the Department of History, using oral and documentary sources for the Llapusha region. Our main aim stems from the fact that oral history is a new discipline and not addressed in Albanian historiography. No researcher has dealt with Peja from the point of view of oral sources during this period of time and even earlier. Finally, we find that this study can modestly serve any history enthusiast to delve into this issue in other, more detailed ways.

Keywords:  Peja, Kosova, Politics, Economy, Culture, Education, etc.



-Interview conducted with Reshat Nurboja on 01.08.2012.

-Interview with Mahir Morina on 04.08.2012.

-Interview with Ismet Shala on 08.08.2012.

-Interview with Nexhmedin Hoxha on 13.08.2012.

-Interview with Sejdi Berisha on 15.08.2012.

-Interview with Bashkim Lajçi on 15.08.2012.

-Interview with Gëzim Basha on 16.08.2012.

-Interview with Sokol Beqiri on 20.08.2012.

-Interview with Murat Morina on 25.08.2012.

-Interview with Xhavit Alickaj, Peja, 14.11.2012.


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