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Ibrahim Hoxha, Gafur Xhabiri, Alush Musaj, Abdyl Sinani


The main technological factors on bread production are the amount of proteins, respectively the content and the quality of the gliadine and gluteline-gluten, for this reason in case it is necessary, the usage of tested additives leads to the improvement of the quality of final product. The effect of used additives, however, it is closely linked to the used wheat cultivars, as well as to the radius of the flour that will be used for the production of bread. The additives or the redox agents represent products with chemical attributes, which through the oxidation or reduction reactions that they incite in the dough, they change the rheological qualities of it, the oxidants improve the color of the flour, rheological qualities as well as the formation of pores of bread, whereas the reducing agents react in the SS connections in dough, respectively they incite the reduction of overall molecular weight of the protein aggregates of gluten protein. For the purpose of this paper, in addition to the flour from different wheat cultivars and main additions such are water, salt and dry yeast diego, one also used other additives such are: ascorbic acid, xylanase, lipase and top bake. One managed to produce two types of bread from all wheat cultivars using the aforementioned additives and also without additives. Based on the conducted analysis, it results that the breads produced using additives express much better qualities compared to the breads produced without additives, respectively the breads produced with the additives express better qualities than the breads produced without utilization of additives in terms of radius of bread, volume of bread, color, taste, etc.

Keywords: gluten, xylanase, radius of bread, volume of bread, taste of bread.

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