Globalization of Music – Indian Context

Sangeeta Mukherjee


The term Globalization was used in 1980s, but the concept stretches back decades, even centuries. Globalization implies the progressive withdrawal of national boundaries. In the distant past, when there was very poor communication between the stretches of the human habitats, arts and cultures emerged around civilizations, which developed mainly the bank of rivers. Each of these civilizations music was quite different and distinct from the others. Music has been one of the most suitable term of fine arts; not only in the Indian subcontinent but all over the world. In the most of the civilizations, initially, music was considered to be a tool of the religious practice. In Indian context, the inscriptions on the walls of different temples prove this fact. The present paper is an attempt to review the positive as well as negative impacts of Globalization in the field of Music in general and music of India in particular.
Keywords: globalization, music, raga, sangeet parijat.

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