The Lime Method, the Optimal Method for the Treatment of Arsenical Solutions in the Chemical Fertilizers Plant – Fier

Valbona Hoxha


In the Plant of Nitrogen Fertilizers in Fier there were about 900 m3 arsenical solutions inherited from 25-30 years ago as a result of the change of use of the raw material, country’s diesel with methane gas. The country’s diesel has a high content of sulfur and for the production of hydrogen, is needed it’s purifying from the sulfhidric gas. In order to realize this was applied the Jamaico-Ventrocoke process that used arsenate solution and sodium arsenate. Also for further purifying of hydrogen from the carbonic gas was used solution of potassium arsenate. According to the state of depositing resulted deposited large amounts of arsenic with an calculated average content of As totally about 25gr/liter as As2O3. The arsenic was mainly in the pattern of As +5. This constituted a very concerning problem from the standpoint of environmental and the safety of human life and required a fast and safe solution. In this context was required finding and studying the ways for the treatment of arsenical solutions in order the risk to be minimized. To treat arsenical solutions were used physical and chemical methods and special methods. Chemical methods that are used for the determination of total arsenic As +5, As +3, based on the colorimetric determination with dietilditiokarbamat argjendi. These methods are: a. methods with pyrites, b. methods with lime, and c. methods with iron salts. During the work were treated initial arsenical solutions, mother waters and the washing waters of feculence. There were made some poll proofs to determine the optimal parameters of arsenic feculence. In the study have been seen and evaluated some variants, was determined the influence of different factors of treatment and optimal conditions. Based on the obtained results is built a more appropriate variant. According to this variant are made enlarged technological proofs from which are obtained the necessary data and respective balances. From the works of the poll made with the arsenical solutions of Nitrogen Fertilizers Plants in Fier was evidenced the possibility of the lime treatment for the segregation of arsenic. This chemical method is the most optimal and the most economical method for the arsenical feculence. This method gave a high degree of the perception of arsenic to the extent 99%. The content of arsenic in mother waters after the perception fluctuated in 50 - 200mg/liter from about 25gr/liter that is in the initial solution.
Keywords: arsenic, lime method, optimal parameters of feculence, colorimetric determination.

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