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Surgical Treatment of Thyroid Gland Our experience of three years in DCVS

Harijeta Zherka Saracini


Although at the time of today thyroid gland surgery routinely develops, treatment of nodular and multinodulare changes, neoplasms and some other forms of gland disorders even today it remains a challenge for the management medical team endocrinologist, surgeon, anesthesiologist who continued in basic agreement with each other make their successful treatment. Indications for surgical intervention in the thyroid gland are a comprehensible syndrome, suspicion for malignant tumor, hiperthyroidic struma, retrosternal struma and aesthetic purpose. Changes in the thyroid gland either organic or functional are common pathologies in our region. In our paper we present the 154 cases which are done in the Department of Clinical Vascular Surgery in three years period. As to the gender structure we had 140 women (90.9%) and 14 men (9.09%). The most affected age has been the fourth decade with 41 cases (26.62%) and the fifth of life with 62 cases (40.25%). Pathohistological sesults testified changes in the form of colloidal cysts in 46 cases (29.8%), nodular parenchymatous changes in 54 cases (35%) and diffuse parenkimatoze among which hipertireiodism in 32 cases (22.4%), Hashimoto thyroids in 10 cases (6.4%) and changes of different kinds of carcinomathosis in 12 cases (7.7%). Surgical treatment is applied so that extirpation of nodules / strumectomia in 22 cases (14.2%), loboisthmectomia in 68 cases (44.15%), subtotal thyreoidectomia in 37 cases (24.02%) and total thyreiodectomia in 27 cases (17.53%). One of the reasons for the presentation of the cases was that the opinion be known to contemporary surgical methods of treatment with full suggestion of conservative medical profiles. Fortunately we have the defense acquisition in collaboration with endocronologist colleagues from the Internal Clinic of DCVS.

Keywords: thyroid glands, surgical treatment.

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