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On Some Information about the Treatment of Retinal Veins Ocusion with Travitrear Injection of Ranibizumab (Lucentae)

Astrit Beci


Aim: To demonstrate the efficacy of intravitreal injection of ranibizumabe in the treatment of patients with central retinal ocussion. Material and methods: For this material there were taken to be stuided 11 patients for the period from January 2012 to June 2013 who were with the retinal central vein blocking and were treated with intravitreal injection of ranibizumabi with the dose form 0.5 mlg. this was done in order to see how it reacted the macular edema after injections with ranibizumab and because of this it was measured vizus in the first week, first month, second month, third month, then every three months, and then until a full year. Patients taken for this study were selected from over 55 years, where the process of blocking of the central vein has happened at least three months in advance. Results: From our observations resulted that the growth of vezus was important and was reflected especially in the first week. Seven out of 11 patients felt improved the day after the examination, continuing to improve the positivity until the end of the first week and in the seventh week until the end of the second month. The improvment of vizus for the 11 cases was accidentally with an average of 4-5/10 N. This expressed in their final outcome after 12 months observation. Conclusions: The ranibizuma intravitreal application in the treatment of patients with central retinal okuzion turns to be an efficient method. Intravitreal application of ranibizumabes (lucentis) turns out to be positive and for the consequences of blocking the VCR since in all applicable cases there is no result of an increased ocular tension. Study notes turbulence of vitreal improvement or macular degenerations or in cases in which patients except the blocking of the vein had these other issues, too.

Keywords: retinal central vein blocking, injections with ranibizuma, travitreal, anesthesia, vizus, patient, etc.

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