Clinical Aspects of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Albanian Adults

Najada Como, Pëllumb Pipero, Esmeralda Meta, Dhimitër Kraja


Visceral Leishmaniasis is still a public health concern in Albania, a former communist country in Southeast Europe which is undergoing a rapid transition from a rigid centralized system towards a market-oriented economy. VL in Albania has been very widespread and known before World War II, but data were scarce. To the general public the disease is known as "spleen disease". Aim of this study is to evidence clinical manifestation of VL and epidemiological evaluation for referral, early diagnosis and treatment of the diseases. Methods: We analized clinical aspects using descriptive statistics included reporting of minimal and maximal values, ranges, mean values, standard deviations and standard errors. T-test and chi-square tests were employed to compare respectively the mean values or the proportions between groups. Upon hospitalization in our study, the disease was mainly manifested with full signs, which means that generally our cases were hospitalized during the second period of the VL that is the anemic phase, considering late. Results: The study highlighted that clinical manifestation of VL in adults are fever in 100% of cases, pancytopenia in 97.3% , anaemia in 100%, The study showed that VL in adult clinically manifested by fever in 100% of cases, anemia in 100% of cases, 73.9% weight loss, sweating 84.9%, enlargement of the abdomen 89.04%, enlarge the liver and spleen in 100% of cases, phenomena hemorrhagic 21.9%, body weakness 90.4%, paleness 75.3%, oedema 5.4%, lymphadenopathy 24.6%, 27.3%, gastrointestinal disorders, chills 61%.

Keywords: V.L. (Visceral Leishmaniasis), Leishmania Donovani, sand fly, Albania.

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