Shkodra's "Heng" and its preservation by Gjakova's "Aheng"


  • Behar Arllati


At least 300 of 393 “Heng's” songs were recorded during 1955-56 years today anyone can find, hear and record in city of Gjakova. This is a reason why Gjakova and gjakovars considered a big and strong guardians of Shkodra's "Heng" songs. All our tradition, not just Gjakova's, is very lucky because Shkodra's "Heng" songs arrived in Gjakova before year 1955, because after, all these songs was Recorded in cleaning variants, without barbarisms. Today, we have a priceless value, the complete – Shkodra's "Heng", cleaned and recorded, but we lack "Heng's" songs in their original version - the first version until 1955, almost all the songs of Shkodra's "Heng" not only that had already "arrived" in Gjakova, but they have been regularly played over 30 years by the band of Ymer Riza. So, today, you can hear only in Gjakova, for example the song, "Lulja prej lules ban ferk" ("Not two flowers are the same”) and absolutely not in any other Albanian cities. Based on the archival documentary research, the analysis of songs creation time and musical activities of Shkodra and Gjakova's music bands and the data collected in the field, the first song carried from Shkodra's "Heng" and inserted in Gjakova's music (there was no organized "heng" at that time) was brought from Shkodra around the beginning of the 19th century by Hamëz Kovaçi – Çarkaxhiu, who is also considered as the leader of the first Gjakova taif, in the first half of the 19th century, and a close friend to Kolë Qorri.

Keywords: Shkodra's Heng, Gjakova's Aheng, Songs, Recording, Conservation, Cleaning song, Song Collection, etc.




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Volume 3, No.4, April, 2014