The Subject between Albanian and English Language


  • Shkelqim Millaku


The subject is the part of a clause that identifies the topic on the sentece. The subject usually in Albanian and English languages comes at the beginning of a clause and consists of a noun, noun phrase, pronoun etc. One of the topics which have most inspired comparative syntactic research is the difference between null subject languages such as Albanian and English: the former can have silent subject, technically called “subject – S”. The subject is normally - noun phrase or nominal clause. In both of languages the subject normally occurs usullay before the verb. The distinction between the subject and predicate is the basic division within the sentence. The subject can realize as noun, noun phrase, pronoun etc. It is the head of sentence. The noun in the sentence can have function and as predicate. In Albanian and English the predicate noun is used to predicate a description or identification of the subject. Both of languages the predicate noun is a noun that follows linking verb.

Keywords: subject, conjoined subject, noun phrase, nominal clause, etc.




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