Effects of Thermal Radiation and Mass Diffusion on Unsteady Free Convection Flow in a Micropolar Fluid Near a Vertical Plate with Newtonian Heating

A A. Bakr, Z. A.S Raizah, A. M. Elaiw


The effects of chemical reaction and thermal radiation on unsteady free convection flow of a micropolar fluid past a semi-infinite vertical plate embedded in a porous medium in the presence of heat absorption with Newtonian heating have been investigated. Both physically important boundary conditions of uniform wall concentration (UWC) and uniform mass flux (UMF) are considered. Rosseland diffusion approximation is used to describe the radiative heat flux in the energy equation. Numerical results of velocity profiles of micropolar fluids are compared with the corresponding flow problems for a Newtonian fluid in UWC and UMF cases. Graphical results for velocity, temperature and concentration profiles of both phases based on the analytical solutions are presented and discussed. Finally the effects of the pertinent parameters on the skin friction, couple stress and the rate of heat transfer coefficient at the plate are discussed.

Keywords: Micropolar fluid; thermal radiation; chemical reaction; heat and mass transfer; Newtonian heating.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.0001/(aj).v3i0.690

DOI (PDF): http://dx.doi.org/10.0001/(aj).v3i0.690.g824

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