Analysis of Teachers Perception on the Use of Computer Tutor Laboratory in the Teaching - Learning of Visual Arts in Secondary Schools

Adelowo Gbenga Edward


The design of this study was an explorative in nature that use opinion research questionnaire on the teachers’ perception on the adoption and use of Computer Laboratory in the teaching and learning process of Visual Arts in both private and public senior secondary schools in Oyo state. The analysis of the data collected through the designed study questionnaire from thirty (30) sampled representatives’ respondents selected from the three zonal post primary schools board in the state, clearly indicated that teachers’ perception on the adoption and use of Computer Laboratory in the teaching and learning process is positively significant to make the computer laboratory relevant. Both the taught and teachers will benefit positively as long as the owners of schools, schools’ administrators, parents and government supports are given rightly and timely. The correlation analysis carried out clearly indicated a significant relationship among the five variables – teaching and learning (independent) and government/owners support, teachers’ readiness and school support for the adoption and use of computer laboratory in the teaching and learning process of Fine and Applied Arts in secondary schools in Oyo State (dependent). There are five (5) null hypotheses formulated for this study and the results from the statistical testing rejected all the null hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The conclusion from this study made it compelling for all the stakeholders in the teaching and learning process of Visual Arts to embrace Computer Tutor Laboratory not as a vogue in this era of hi-tech for meaningful teaching and learning outcome in Visual Arts. Based on this note, some recommendations were made that will make the above possible and get the required stakeholders’ supports feasible and meaningful.

Key words: Students, Visual Arts, Teaching, Learning, Computer Tutor Laboratory.

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