The Importance of Ultrasound Examination in the Studding of the Gall Bladder Anatomic Variations and their Influence in Biliary Dyskinesia

Afrim Pirraçi


Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate the frequency of the gall bladder shape related of anatomic variations using ultrasound (US) examination and impact on biliary dyskinesia.Materials and Methods: A study population of 1250 subjects, respectively divided as folloing: 7294 (64.8%) hospitalized patients, 3112 (27.7%) ambulatory and 844 (7. 5%) volunteers underwent US examination in the hospital between January 2010 – March 2013. The ultrasound examination was done in order to assess for possible anatomic variations and their influence in biliary dyskinesia. Results: In total 1250 subjects were studied, 92 (0.82%) showed gall bladder anatomic variations related to shape, 33 patients (0.29%) presents with anatomic variations of the construction of the gall bladder, 8 patients (0.07 %) anatomic variations of positioning and 13 patients (0.11%) with anatomic variations of genesis, 53 (36.3%) of the patients with above anatomic variations represented the status of biliary dyskinesia. Discussions: The anatomic variations of the gall bladder are favoring factors of gall stones forming and inflamation. The association with other congenital malformations should increse detailed control of all the elements of the biliary tract. Conclusion: Pointing out these anatomical variations before the surgical intervention may prevent possible iatrogenic traumas. Anatomic variations of the gall bladder may stimulate biliary dyskinesia.

Key words: Anatomic variation, ultrasound, gallbladder, biliary dyskinesia.

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