Housing Facilities Construction with Accessories and Architecture Construction of Mills in Anamorava over the Centuries

Riza Fazliu


It is very important the impact of occasional invaders’ invasion in architecture buildings in the region of Anamorava.Influences came by land trade, which were numerous in this region, so it is likely that these effects came through the Morava River, mentionedfrom the very ancient Greek and Roman period with the name Margus, and most likely this river was navigable for boats and small ships which besides others might have been a connection with the castles of this area,especially with Binça castle and that of Pogragja.The first effects appeared in Anamorava, and later they reached even mountainous villages. Housing facilities through the centuries in it constituted some changed elements in architecture, but the elements of indigenous workmanship factor of Anamorava do not miss and were present in every field of construction. The impact of the external architecture, which was expressed by invaders, is combined with the impact of the internal Albanian native craftsmen.

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