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Desmoid tumors of the pleura: a clinicopathologic mimic of localized fibrous tumor

Fadil Gradica, Flora Gradica, Lutfi Lisha, Fahri Kokici, Alma Cami, Dhimitraq Argjiri, Rinard Kertoci, Ylber Vata, Leon Shpataraku, Eliana Shima, Perlat Kapisyzi


Introduction: Desmoid tumor is an aggressive form of fibromatosis of musculoaponeurotic origin. It is a histologically benign, slow growing tumor commonly presenting in the age group of 15-60 years. Desmoid tumor is a rare, benign soft tissue tumor having the potential for local invasion. It commonly arises in the abdominal wall, presenting as a palpable mass. We describe a case of thoracic desmoid tumor in a middle-aged male arising from the chest wall. Objective: Intrathoracic desmoid tumors of the pleura are unusual tumors that are often clinically and histologically confused with localized fibrous tumor of the pleura or benign neurogenic tumors. Material and Methods: We studied three cases of intrathoracic desmoid tumor of the pleura and reviewed the clinical, histopathologic, and immunohistochemical features of the patients. Three women, ranging in age from 30 to 40 years (mean, 35 years) comprised the study group. Treatment included complete resection (two cases)by anterolateral thoracotomy in one case and by VATS in another one, subtotal resection (one case), followed by radiation therapy. Results: Follow-up to date shows stable residual disease at 12 months (one case) was done reinvent also expected again local receive and recommendation radiotherapy treatment and two patients with no evidence of disease at 12 and 36 months, respectively. Conclusions: Desmoid tumor should be considered in the differential of localized fibrous tumor of the pleura.

Keywords: Desmoidal tumor, complete resection, Intrathoracic. 

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