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Solitary Fibrous Tumour of the Pleura: Surgical Treatment, Analysis of our Cases from September 1999 to April 2013

Fadil Gradica, Dhimitraq Argjiri, Lutfi Lisha, Fahri Kokici, Alma Cami, Ylber Vata, Z Ymeri


Rationale: Solitary fibrous tumours (SFT) of the pleura are rare tumours, originated from the mesenchimal tissue, underlying the mesothelial layer of the pleura. This tumors present unpredictable clinical course, probably related to their histological and morphological characteristics. Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate beneficial effect of surgical treatment of Solitary fibrous tumours (SFT) of the pleura. Material and Patients: Twenty-three (23) patients affected by SFT of the pleura were referred to us for surgical resection in our clinic in SU "Shefqet Ndroqi" from September 1999 to April 2013. Results: Surgical excision required 18 posterolateral thoracotomies, five anterior lateral thoracotomies and no one video-assisted thoracoscopy. Average tumor diameter was 8.5 cm (range, 4.5-25 cm) and weight was 130 g (range 5-2,560 g). In all our patients resections were complete. No intraoperative or perioperative medical or surgical complications occurred. Median chest-drain duration timed 3 (range 2-5) days and median hospital stay was 5 (range 4-7) days. We have no perioperative mortality. Only one patient experienced tumour recurrence. Conclusions: Surgical resection of benign solitary fibrous tumors is usually curative, but local recurrences can occur years after seemingly adequate surgical treatment. Malignant solitary fibrous tumours generally have a poor prognosis. Clinical and radiological follow-up are indicated for both benign and malignant solitary fibrous tumors.

Keywords: Solitary fibrous tumor of the pleura, clinical features, imaging, pathology, treatment SFT: Solitary fibrous tumours.

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