Dickens to Lean: From Great Expectations to Great Adaptation(s)


  • Rajko Petković


The first part of this paper focuses on a close reading of certain episodes from book two of Dickens's Great Expectations as it is here that the reader encounters Pip's descriptions of, what is for him, a new world at their strongest. Three aspects of the way Pip describes this new world are at the centre of this analysis: Pip's experience of urban space, the way it affects those around him, and the aspect of class. These observations will give an insight into the highly cinematic Dickens's world, which has been a subject of many adaptations. Probably the best is David Lean‟s adaptation of Great Expectations, the focus of the second part of the paper, which elaborates on cinematic strategies devised by Lean to successfully adapt the novel, ranging from chiaroscuro cinematography and evocative sets to a careful balance between realistic and Gothic elements.

Keywords: urban space, emptiness, adaptation, Gothic, voice-over narracion, etc.




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Volume 4, No.5, May 2015