Energy Security Challenges for Countries and Military Forces in the 21st Century

Ruzhdi Rustemi


Before 1990 the national security was dependant only on military power. Energy security was one of the fields added to the concept of security after 1990. With the end of Cold War the security concept was extended with new concepts such as economic security, social security, human security, environmental security etc. Soon, the energy security became too important and closely related to other new security fields. They are interrelated because they influence reciprocally each-other. Actually the national and global economies are still dependent on fossil fuels and gas. But they are definite resources. Also NATO countries during their daily operations are dependent on energy supply to carry out their missions. In this article I am going to present some energy security challenges facing countries and military forces in the 21st century.   

Keywords: energy security, supply, operation, fossil fuel, military forces.

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