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Critique of Idealist Philosophy of Education: Towards a Reconstruction of the Nigerian Philosophy

David Ubong Iniobong


The Nigerian philosophy of education, which in its fundamental organization was articulated to militate against Nigeria’s socio-economic Quagmire, has overtime been bedeviled with a plethora of human endemic enigma; egocentricism, corruption, poor leadership, ineffective implementation, and to this variance has been termed inefficient in meeting the ultimate aim or needs of the individual and society at large. Concomitantly, idealists’ philosophy of education which thesis proposes the development of the self, towards mental emancipation for societal transformation, is periscope by this paper as the green-light for current encumbrances challenging the educational system in Nigeria. Hitherto, the paper embraced the method of analysis, descriptive and criticality in this enquiry, with the optimistic intention of reconstructing the Nigerian philosophy of education.

Keywords: Idealism, philosophy, education, reconstructing.

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