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The purpose of this article is to elaborate the Second Amendment of the U.S Constitution. In general, the study focuses in the creation of The Second Amendment, crucial federal acts that were passed by the U.S Congress during the 20th century for the regulation of firearms, gun-pro associations that support the existence of this amendment, gun ownership and the privileges that this amendment grants to the U.S citizens. The Second Amendment is a constitutional right in the U.S that was included in The Bill of Rights and this article will introduce to the reader, the man who proposed this amendment and some of the ways that a U.S citizen can practice this amendment. The study includes gun-pro organizations that have contributed to the existence, protection and promotion of The Second Amendment. Included in this study is also the gun ownership along with the general number of existing firearms in the United States and also the number of registered firearms in 2019. This article is descriptive and informative towards the reader, including the theory, definitions and statistics. The study is expected to be helpful for prospective students or experts that are interested in American Studies or in The Constitution of the United States.

Key words:  amendment, second, firearm, U.S, constitution.

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