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Anida Lera


In an attempt to make a panoramic reading of the temporary “Normalisti”, in a period of eight years, starting from 1929 to 1937, we will look through the protagonists of the writings that will be part of it, is dictated by the object of the theme that was selected from the very beginning. The initiative to publish this object in the press was taken by some students who studied at the school “Normalisti”, originally from Elbasan, but not only. In most cases, they will remain in minor writers groups for the history of Albanian literature, but there were some of them like the case of Sterjo Spasse, who with his writings became known in larger areas. However, the contribution of the magazine carried weight in the literary life of the city of Elbasan during those years, since the writings were not only of a literary nature. The magazine would contain various articles: including those of a literary nature; didactics; an added value will have the translations, which are characterized by the diversity of some of the names of world classics, as a valuable oasis among all others, etc. It is promoted, mostly the type of novel and narration, while poetry is promoted less, in which the theme of the homeland or the teaching profession predominates. Novels that remind us of Koliqi’s style, with themes that strive to transcend the mentalities of the time. The progress of teaching in the school “Normalisti” is reflected through some examples of lessons, called “Test-lesson”, which are functionalized in the above-mentioned purpose. The other sections have an educational, literary, linguistic character with folklore content, creating a wider cultural spectrum and diversity for the reader and the nature of the magazine.

Keywords: Normalisti, Newspaper, Authors from Elbasan, Culture, Article, Short Prose.

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