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Arlind Farizi


The novel under analysis, "Through the Eye of a Clown" is a serious modest scientific endeavor for a reading and study work. So after reading and re-reading I will try to bring the specifics and generals of this important and very current work at a time when clowns have increased in number. This simple theorem, in fact, which seems so clear today, at least in that part of the defined "free" world, was imprinted during the authoritarian regimes that erupted in Europe during the last century, buried under the annihilation avalanche of propaganda. It is therefore interesting to think that suddenly, the whole category of intellectuals would have disappeared from the cultural obscurantism of a dictatorship, but in reality this is not the case. "Nothing changes if it is a post-war period, a dictatorship, or a violent civil society. "We are based on the human truth of the artist, who has no time." Andrea has conceived of putting the stretched part in time, but Within the human mind. "The part is not abstract. Things are said of course, there is also talk about the war, since the events take place right after it, but what we are most interested in is the man, your fate, what happens to him" - "Ansichten eines Clowns".

Keywords: Ethics, teacher, ethical concerns, school.

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