Biotine Supplement in Food Ration and Reproductive Performance in Cows for Milk Production


  • Ermal Yzeiraj Veterinary Station - District of Fier, Jakov Xoxa n. 9301 Fier, Albania
  • Vangjel Ceroni


In four cow groups, was applicated biotin treatment with different doses, one month before and two months of post partum. The Cows were monitored for blood glucose levels and Reproduction indicators presevis period (PSP), Days open (DO) and index of copulation(IC). For Comparisons were monitored the same indicators in controls groups. The cows which was Treated with biotin had a higher level of glucose in blood.The difference was up to 3.4 ± 3 mg%. Biotin supplementation in the transition period in cows showed positive effects in some reproduction indicators. The days open and the index of copulation were the most affected indicators.preservice period was not affected from biotin in supplementation.In groups treated with biotin was realized days open with 28.74 ± 0.42 days less was achieved, while the index of copulation was with 0.64 ± 0.12 less copulation for pregnant cows. Between Reproduction indicators and usage of biotin doses has strog correlative relation of negative character (ie r = - 0.531 for p And r = - 0.603 for the stock index).

Keywords: Biotin, glucose, pre service, days open, index of copulatin.




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Yzeiraj, E., & Ceroni, V. (2017). Biotine Supplement in Food Ration and Reproductive Performance in Cows for Milk Production. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 6(5), 61–66. Retrieved from



Volume 6, No.5, May, 2017

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