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Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) in Different Groups of Age and Lactation in Cows for Milk Production

Emilian Shabani, Vangjel Ceroni


In the period January 2010 - January 2013, in four cattle farms were studied experimentally the vulnerability relations of cows from the (SARA condition) in age and in different periods of lactation. The presence of SARAcondition in cow was based on the evaluation of the rumen pH content. For a period of 3 years, were studied 137 cows of different ages and in different periods of lactation. In the first month of lactation (on days 3-30's) resulted affected by SARA condition, 8 heads or of 17:02% heads of control. In the second month of lactation (on days 31-60 th) resulted affected seven heads or 15.9% and in the third month of lactation (on days 61-90 th) resulted affected 5 heads or 10.8% of heads of control. The vulnerability of cows by SARA condition increases by 0.0% in the first lactation, in 11.1% in the second lactation cows, in 23.5% in the third lactation cows and culminates in the fourth lactation cows with 31.5%. In cows with more lactations observed the decrease in the level of vulnerability to both the culmination of six lactation cows (21.4%) and in cows older than seven lactations (11.7%). Vulnerability indicator of cows by SARA condition tends to decrease with advancing lactation days. Averages values were statistically proven for vulnerability by age group (P> 0.005; Td = - 1,742). Between the level of vulnerability of the SARA condition in cows and their age were a correlative relation to the average strength of character and negative (r = - 0.313).

Keywords: SARA condition, ruminal pH, nasoesophagal probe, the period of lactation, age.

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