Issue of Creating Technical Terminology in Albanian

Gani Pllana


The rapid development of science and technology as well as of economy, represent the need to establish multiple terms and linguistic units, which serve for naming new things. As in other languages of the world, so also in the Albanian language, special words, terms, which were previously used only in a particular area of human activity, and were known only to a small circle, with time and under specific conditions of language development, have extended the scope of their use across linguistic boundaries. In many cases these words are not Albanian, but foreign, not always used because of indispensable necessity, but by some negligence, in order to maintain the purity of the language from the influx of foreign words. Engineers and specialists who are not language experts should be helped in any case, when it comes to the naming of new items and processes.
Keywords: technical terminology, creation of scientific terms, foreign words, purity of language.

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