Taxonimic Data for Pieridae Family (Rhopalocera) of the Sharr Mountain and its Surroundings (Mavrovo and Pollog)

Xhezair Abdija, Nexhbedin Beadini, Sheqibe Beadini


This research was carried out in the Sharr mountain massif, Pollog valley and Mavrovo National Park (northwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia). Although in the past this territory was explored several times by different local and international researchers, we still considered that it needs to be explored again. This animal group requires a special study research consideration and attention and also special a special approach towards finding any eventually new species or species that may be in extinction for this territory. Hitherto, 500 specimens belonging to the family Pieridae were found and 16 species have been determined belonging to 7 genera and 3 subfamilies. Samples were collected at 18 stations of different heights above the sea level and in different habitats. For each survey station data were recorded on each habitat type, height above sea level (Altitude), geographical latitude and length (Longitude).

Keywords: Rhopalocerofaunae, Pieridae, Distribution, Sharr Mountain, Macedonia

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