De Rada's Position in the Albanian Literature


  • Rovena Vata
  • Arburim Iseni


The Arberesh literature affirmed itself as an artistic literature through the works of Jeronim de Rada. He was a renowned versatile figure, a figure of the poet, folklorist, publicist, philologist, esthetician, teacher… De Rada was an Arberesh from Kalabria whose college education helped him to build up his personality of the poet, because it introduced him to the antique and modern literature, as well as the enlightenment ideas, by igniting his first scorches of his talent. De Rada was appreciated as the founder of the Arberesh literature (as well as a co-founder of the Albanian Renaissance Literature), as a patriot, rather than a great poet with a high aesthetic level (especially during the half-century dictatorship). De Rada should be appreciated in terms of the literacy (aesthetic value, originality). He was a poet of European values, implying that the Albanian literature is as such as well.

Keywords: aesthetic principles, Albanian literature, European poet, Arberesh folklore, mythology, the cult of a flag, the figure of Scanderbeg.




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Volume 5, No.11, November, 2016

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