Productive Values in Different Pig Breeds


  • Vjollca Hoxha (Shahini)
  • Lumturi Papa
  • Bejo Bizhga


The study realized the comparing productive indicators between Large White and Duroc breeds. The purpose of the study is to get to know the genetic and reproductive capacity of these breeds, the size of litter and their weight, the growth rate of their offspring until the point of sale. All of these combined together will bring out to the fore the abilities of these breeds in the increase of pig meat quality and the effectiveness of rearing them. Evidence have been respectively analyzed the difference measured in days between the two parities was roughly 148 days and litters/sows/year 2.4, while in the Duroc breed it is roughly 163 days or 15 days more, and litter/sows/year 2.2. The litter size was 11.8 piglets per litter per Large White breed against the 9.7 that the Duroc breed yields or 2.1 piglets more. This difference or change is easily noticed during the lactation period until the 28th day. The two breeds have high genetic and productive abilities. The LW is set apart for a larger litter size and a better growth until the age of 28 days when piglets are being fed with the milk of the sow.

Keywords: breed, piglets, sow, weight, lactation, parameters.




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(Shahini), V. H., Papa, L., & Bizhga, B. (2016). Productive Values in Different Pig Breeds. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 5(2), 128–131. Retrieved from



Volume 5, No.2, February, 2016

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