Challanges of Change in Compulsory Educational System


  • Elda Talka
  • Arburim Iseni


This study purports to analyze the current educational Albanian reality created after the reform in content and structure made in the compulsory educational system to change it from 8th to 9th-grade education, pointing out its advantages and disadvantages, for both teachers and students, in regard to their adaptation to the new reality. This study has gone through four phases: the compiling of the general outline of research; the preparation of questionnaires and interviewing questions for teachers; the gathering of data based on observations in 9th-grade schools; the survey of the gathered information for certain conclusions and suggestions on this issue. The innovation introduced by the Ministry of Education which adds another year to the existing system brought about improvements of the system, but it was undoubtedly accompanied by problems. It is to be emphasized that in the Albanian language there are very few studies on this issue. Therefore this research will contribute not only to the recognition of this transformation that Albanian school underwent but also in the introduction of the new challenges of change for the teachers while trying to reach a good classroom management and higher levels of quality in the process of teaching.

Keywords: challenge, change, difficulty, management, quality, teaching. 




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Talka, E., & Iseni, A. (2016). Challanges of Change in Compulsory Educational System. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 2(3), 65–72. Retrieved from



Volume 2, No.3, June, 2013

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