Henrik Ibsen and Indian Bengali Literature: A Stage Production Perspective


  • Amir Hossain
  • Arburim Iseni


This paper aims at examining the impact of Ibsen's plays in the Indian Bengali Literature through the stage production. It also focuses on the critical judgments of Indian poets, playwrights, interpreters, directors and producers along with their interpretation, translation, transformation, and stage production of Ibsen's plays including A Doll's House, Ghosts, An Enemy of the People, and Rosmersholm. It also attempts to discuss social, religious, cultural and economic circumstances of the people of Indian Subcontinent. His middle period prose plays are considered as social problematic plays, and his profound psychology, thought and imagination have been influenced in Bengali dramatic composition and stage performance. The identity of Bengali Literature has been resuscitated through Ibsen‟s plays as discussed in the paper.

Keywords: A Doll's House, An Enemy of the People Bengali drama, Ghosts, Henrik Ibsen, Rosmersholm.




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Hossain, A., & Iseni, A. (2015). Henrik Ibsen and Indian Bengali Literature: A Stage Production Perspective. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 4(1), 8–15. Retrieved from https://anglisticum.org.mk/index.php/IJLLIS/article/view/213



Volume 4, No.1, January 2015

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